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Shimano and SRAM both have offered wide-range non-XD cassettes aimed at the 1x crowd for several I swapped in the SunRace CSMX8 for SRAM and Shimano 11-42 cassettes and honestly forgot I The shifts were reliable, the noise level was about the same and thanks to the alloy spiders...The X-Dome cassette uses the same XD Sram driver along with the same gearing as the 11 speed cassette, but with the addition of the large 50t granny gear. The X01 cassette is the same offering as the XX1, just not gold plated. Weight - 360g. Range - 10t, 12t, 14t, 16t, 18t, 21t, 24t, 28t, 32t, 36t, 42t, 50t

Derailleur rear SRAM X7 SRAM X5 Shimano Alivio Shimano Acera Shimano Altus SRAM X7 SRAM X5 Freewheel SRAM PG-1030, 9 speed SRAM PG-1030, 9 speed Shimano HG-20, 9 speed Shimano HG-41, 8 speed Shimano HG-31, 8 speed SRAM PG-1030, 9 speed SRAM PG-1030, 9 speed
Great tool for Shimano centres locks. I actually bought a Shimano branded tool that was unable to tighten the rotor on my rear wheel - only a Millimetre or so would engage and it would slip when torque was applied. This was due to the axle & lock nuts protruding and the tool not being deep enough. This tool solve the problem.
A set of workshop quality tools for removing/installing Shimano and SRAM cassettes. With a 7-11 speed chain whip and cassette remover wrench, the LifeLine Cassette tool bundle is essential for regular wheel and drivetrain maintenance.
I run SRAM cassettes on all my otherwise Shimano-equipped bikes. No problems. To further stir up the gene pool, I also run KMC chains. I have a SRAM cassette with 11-28. I'm trying to use a spare cassette that I have and save a few dollars in the process.
Secure the chain whip to the cassette. Take out the skewer and insert the removal tool. Adjust the crescent wrench on the tool and place it at an angle. If the wheel were a clock face, you’d hold it at 10 o’clock. Holding the tire upright, press down on the cassette tool or wrench.
With Shimano, you move the chain up the cassette by sweeping the brake lever to the side. The alloy Shimano Ultegra chainset is available in exactly the same chainring configurations, and in the Like SRAM's chain, the Shimano one has hollow pins, but rather than using a tool-less connector it...
Replacement chain for your SRAM drivetrain. Hollow pin construction reduces overall weight. Works great with Shimano Ultegra 11-speed drive-train. Very smooth and quiet. I like that it comes pre-lubed. Replace your chain and cassette at the same time to improve drive train performance.
SRAM Rival – Equivalent to Shimano 105 Rival is a good value groupset designed for long training rides. It is available in 10 and 11 speed versions and in a 1x setup. SRAM Apex – The entry level SRAM groupset is equivalent to Shimano Tiagra.
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  • Maybe worth mentioning that finally, now you should be able to mix SRAM and Shimano shifters and derailleurs, starting from the 11-speed generation (I think 12 uses the same cable pull). I prefer Gripshift for the quick shifting both up and down and paired it with an SLX rear mech. Works perfectly.
  • Shimano says 34t is the largest you can go with the medium cage GRX derailleur but I’ve had no issue getting this 36t to work. It’s the standard Shimano road bike spline system, and fits 10 and 11 speed hubs. Shifts well, and looks like it will last awhile. I paired it with a SRAM chain and a Quarq front crank for pretty much spot on shifting.
  • BW Bicycle Cassette Lockring Removal Tool with Center Guide Pin - Compatible with Shimano, Suntour, Sunrace, Sram and Sram XD Cassettes. Oumers Bike Chain Tools Kit, Chain Whip with Cassette, Sprocket Remover/Rotor Lockring Removal Wrench/Bicycle Flywheel Chain Sprocket...
  • Simplify your drivetrain with SRAM's XG-1195 11-Speed X-Glide Cassette. It has a monstrous 10-42 tooth spread that gives SRAM's 1x11 drivetrain pretty much the same gearing as 2- and 3-ring setups, with less weight, parts, and complexity. Yes, you can still spin up your hardest climbs.
  • SRAM cassettes and most Miche, IRD and SunRace cassettes use the same inter-sprocket spacing as Shimano, but at least some SRAM 10-speed cassettes do not fit aluminum-body Dura-Ace hubs. SRAM has three series of rear derailers. One ("2:1") series works with Shimano shifters and some SRAM shifters.

Enhance your cycling experience with SRAM RED XG-1190 11-Speed Bicycle Cassette. Find the best gear at trekbikes.com and your local Trek retailer. Shop now!

SRAM cassettes and most Miche, IRD and SunRace cassettes use the same inter-sprocket spacing as Shimano, but at least some SRAM 10-speed cassettes do not fit aluminum-body Dura-Ace hubs. SRAM has three series of rear derailers. One ("2:1") series works with Shimano shifters and some SRAM shifters. BIKEHAND Cassette Shimano Freewheel Cassette Turner Install Removal Chain Whip Tool Kit. Tools to install and remove Shimano and Sram Cassette. Fits all Shimano Cassettes including Road bike and Mountain Bike.
However, with use the teeth can become worn down, possibly leading to gears jumping and skipping.For mountain bikes, cassettes are traditionally 7-speed, 8-speed, or 9-speed, but are increasingly moving towards 12 cogs in newer systems from Shimano and SRAM. We ask for your understanding as you may experience delivery delays. 1-800-627-4227. Live Chat

SRAM's PG-1130 11-Speed Cassette is constructed of heat-treated steel cogs and boasts SRAM's PowerGlide tooth profiles and shift ramps for quick, positive gear changes. This excellent cassette also sports an aluminum spider construction for a maximum stiffness-to-weight ratio, a durable steel lockring, and comes in three wide ranges to suit ...

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Jan 30, 2016 · The Shimano's 11spd 11-42 has the same range. But SRAM offers a wider range with a 10t small cog. As others have said, there are questions about long term durability there. Plus, there are some aftermarket options showing up that add even more range to the standard 10-42 SRAM range.