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This is a non-standard way of using LDAP over SSL, supported by some LDAP server implementations. See also the ldaptls option for an alternative. ldaptls. Set to 1 to make the connection between PostgreSQL and the LDAP server use TLS encryption. This uses the StartTLS operation per RFC 4513. See also the ldapscheme option for an alternative. Overview. Over time, user accounts need to be created, updated, and deactivated. Customers who have an existing user directory can use the LDAP Tools plug-in to automatically mirror these changes to Appian without requiring users to work manually through the web interface or with CSV files.

Given that ldapsearch works I'm presuming it's a client configuration issue, rather than a server issue. You might want to try to get it working without SSL or TLS first.
The SSL automagic is contained in Windows LDAP API. In short, ldap_sslinit initializes ssl connection and ldap_start_tls stats a TLS conection. It all works well if you have a valid certificate in the store, but if not, the connection would just be shut down with the 'server down' message without any hint on what's going on.
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ldapsearch is a command-line interface to the ldap_search library call. ldapsearch opens a connection to an LDAP server, binds, and performs a search using the filter filter . The filter should conform to the string representation for LDAP filters (see ldap_search for more information on filters).
Amazon Web Services – Single Sign-On: Integrating AWS, OpenLDAP, and Shibboleth April 2015! Page 4 of 33 ! then skip to the Install Tomcat3 and Install Shibboleth IdP4 sections.
-j filename Specify a file containing the password for the bind DN or the pass- word for the SSL client's key database. To protect the password, use this option in scripts and place the password in a secure file. This option is mutually exclusive of the -w and -W options.
Click on the LDAP Search and Groups tab. View the contents that are in the nonSSL_Auth realm and copy them to your SSL_Auth realm. NOTE: If you are not performing anonymous binds on your system, make sure you enter a password using the "Enter Password" button on the interface. Failure to do so will cause SSL LDAP searches to fail. Click Apply.
Enter LDAP Password: ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (-1) additional info: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed. If I do the ldapsearch without...
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  • Creates a TCP connection without expecting and sending anything. Default port 80 is used if not specified. https. Uses (and only works with) libcurl, does not verify the authenticity of the certificate, does not verify the host name in the SSL certificate, only fetches the response header (HEAD request). Default port 443 is used if not ...
  • ldapsearch command with different filter statement used to query required information. Various ldapsearch command examples and use cases with advanced options discussed here.
  • ldapsearch using SSL (LDAPS) fails to reach LDAP server when providing a hostname included in the Subject Alternative Name of the SSL certificate
  • Nextcloud version :12 Operating system and version :Ubuntu 16.04 PHP version :PHP 7.0 I cannot configure ldap authentication. I’m using Active Directory on Windows Server 2012 when click on Detect Base DN, I got “Base DN could not be auto-detected, please revise credentials, Host and port” message error, while this setting worked on owncloud.
  • Data ONTAP supports LDAP for user authentication, file access authorization, user lookup and mapping services between NFS and CIFS, and LDAP over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Data ONTAP supports connections to LDAP servers that require signing.

ldapsearch can be used to check out if our planned filter woud give a good result. $ ldapsearch -D "LDAP_myuser" -w 'password1234' -h -b "dc=mydomain,dc=org" "(cn=Joe Doe)" <--searches for user Joe Doe, using given pw

My understanding is that the ldapsearch command is missing a place where to direct the query to? Maybe it is needed to add something like ldap_host to this part of the script: SELECT ldap_anonbind, ldap_binddn, ldap_bindpw, ldap_ssl. so we can use it in the ${cmd} ? ldapsearch: -H incompatible with -p Huh? Why is this a problem? You either use the deprecated -h and -p to respectively set the hostname and non-default port number, or you use -H with a properly RFC...
A new rootDse operation that's named renewServerCertificate can be used to manually trigger AD DS to update its SSL certificates without having to restart AD DS or restart the domain controller. This attribute can be updated using adsiedit.msc, or by importing the change in LDAP Directory Interchange Format (LDIF) using ldifde.exe. SSL. To secure the connection, the implementation supports LDAP over SSL (LDAPS). SSL is enable by setting to true.In addition, specify the path to the keystore file for SSL connection in and keystore password in, at the same time, make sure hadoop ...

ldapsearch — perform LDAP search operations. ldif-diff — compare small LDIF files. When started without arguments, dsconfig prompts you for administration connection information.

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a)This ldapsearch is search for uid in the directory. b)The 389 directory is configured to not support anonymous access, then the user “Directory Manager” and the password is required c)This ldapsearch command has been run on the 389 server itself, so “localhost” for host is enough. d)The server uses port number 389. Since this is the ...