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Step 1. Turn the Honda engine on. Turn the AC settings to "Off." Open the hood of the Honda vehicle. Locate the AC clutch relay. Trace the wire that runs off the AC compressor; this wire plugs into the clutch relay. The relay is mounted on the firewall. You will notice a three-wire connection on the relay. Ok i searched and found out why the check engine light came on it says P0645 Air Conditioning (A/C) Clutch Relay Control Circuit what do i have to replace to fix this thanks in advance for any help. :help:

How do I test to see if the A/C low pressure switch is the problem? I am going to bypass the clutch relay and see if I get results. Friday my AC was working, Saturday it was blowing hot air.
Apr 06, 2011 · Normally the fan is controlled via a relay that is attached to the power for the AC compressor clutch control. so if the AC compressor comes on then the fan also starts. So then the question is if the AC compressor is short cycling and causing the fan to cycle. An AC compressor cycling can be caused by just being low on R-134a.
(a) Remove the A/C COMP relay from the engine room No. 1 relay block, junction block. (b) Disconnect the B41 compressor connector. (c) Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the table below.
How do you know if your problem is really your battery? How do you know when it's time for Don't overlook relays, switches, wiring, and solenoids in your search, too. A parasitic draw may also be at the root of Remember too that a battery that is only just passing these tests is likely to get worse quickly.
Aug 22, 2018 · OP, with the blower On, pushing the button switch (AC) on the dash provides current to the Fan Control Module which sets in motion the two fans out front and the AC compressor clutch kicking in. I've seen that switch hang in the ON position (internal of the dash), especially the early New Beetles of the A4 platform.
See how a bad car AC relay causes your AC to blow warm air. Testing the Air Conditioning Relay. You have to remember that an automotive relay is nothing more than a remotely operated switch. With that said, sometimes we get lucky and all it needs is a $15 compressor clutch relay.
Where is the relay for the magnetic clutch for the AC compressor? Looked under hood in the Fuse/relay box and did not see any withMC on them.
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  • Self-powered Test Light and Ohmmeter Use a self-powered test light or ohmmeter to check for continuity. The ohmmeter shows how much resistance there is between two points along a circuit. Without Air Conditioning. BP 6. K108 Compressor Clutch Relay 86.
  • Jul 06, 2018 · My first thought was to check the relay but I can't find a diagram for a Lci 2007 model to show me where it is. I took the cover under the sump off yesterday to see if I could check if 12v was going to the clutch but there are two connectors one with three wires the other with just one so I didn't know whick wires to check.
  • How To Jump Start AC Compressor Clutch Using Paper Clip Bypass Relay | Add Refrigerant Manual Engage. How To Test a Relay The Easy Way.
  • Sounds like the clutch. Easy to adjust and doesn't require evacuating the freon. View attachment airgap.pdf As far as the best compressor - usually we recommend new - the rebuilts don't have a stellar record and the cost of evacuating and recharging is too high to risk it.
  • We have the best Relay - A/C Comp Clutch Cut-Out for the right price. Buy online for free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you. AC Clutch Relay: Compressor Clutch Cut-Out Relays

Dec 16, 2013 · When either one of those pressure switch's close, that triggers the lockout relay to open the contacts that feed the clutch and it also powers up the red light. So, first off , just unhook the switch's and see if light goes out and clutch engages. When the low pressure switch senses a very low pressure it closes.

HINT: The magnetic clutch relay is built in the engine room junction block. Since the relay is constructed with a relay block that is in the junction block as a unit, it is impossible to disconnect the wire harness connecting with the relay block. If the relay has a malfunction, replace it with the junction block assembly wire harness together. 1.
Access to test a relay in place can be difficult. Here's a simply way to test the actual relay mounted in the relay box

Air Conditioner PCB Relay Testing With Digital Meter in Urdu Hindi Outdoor unit control timing relay testing full video How to ... How to Wire AC Compressor Clutch Relay Get the Book at Amazon: www.createspace.com/3887599 Get the Android ...

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Jun 15, 2019 · The Forester disengages the AC clutch at WOT but the AC clutch may take up to 15 minutes to re-engage. Turning the vehicle off and on resets the sensor and the AC clutch engages normally again.