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The MT2 version of the F40 is found in the 2006 Pontiac G6 and is commonly used in Fiero engine swaps because it has the GM Metric bellhousing and bolts up to most GM FWD engines. For high torque engine swaps, the gear ratios of the MT2 F40 work, but are not ideal.

Mar 30, 2015 · The F40 MT2/MU9 uses a Castrol Burmah (BOT 0063) manual transmission fluid, or GM 88862472 gear oil. This gear oil is identified in GM documentation as a synthetic 75W-85 GL-4. No maintenance is required for normal operation.
Challenge Power Transmission GmbH SPZ85x1 Challenge Power Transmission GmbH SPZ95x1 Challenge Power Transmission GmbH SPZ80x1 Challenge Power Transmission GmbH SPZ56x1 Challenge Power Transmission GmbH SPZ950 AUMA Riester GmbH SA10.1 3PH 380V/50HZ Temperature:standard without integration control unit,no e Nanotec "ST5818L3008-B with HEDM 5500 B06 "
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The F40 is cast in aluminum, and weighs 124 pounds (56.2 kg). It has been certified for up to 295 ft-lb ( 400 Nm) of engine torque. The F40 MT2/MU9 uses a Castrol Burmah (BOT 0063) manual transmission fluid, or GM 88862472 gear oil. This gear oil is identified in GM documentation as a synthetic 75W-85 GL-4.
Sensor - Transmission Temperature G-4. 18. Electronic Monitoring System C-9. A. Sensor - Turbo Inlet Pressure E-4 . 47. ... 609-MT2 YL-14 609-M189 YL-14. 609-M189 YL ...
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  • The K d of 450 p m for 125 I-Mel binding fits best with expression of the MT2 subtype, as K d values are typically lower for MT1 (20–150 n m) than for MT2 receptors (100–500 n m) (18, 21, 30). The binding capacity of 7.5 fmol/mg protein corresponds to receptor densities reported for high affinity melatonin receptors identified at other ...
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  • Aug 27, 2016 · M38 Turbo 350 automatic M40 Turbo 400 automatic M55 Transmission Cooler MB1 2-Speed Transmission - Manual Shift MC1 Heavy Duty 3 spd Transmission MO1 Heavy Duty Clutch N03 Gas Tank - 36 Gallon and Wheelhouse N10 Dual Exhaust N11 Off Road Service Exhaust N14 Side Mounted Dual Exhaust N30 Deluxe Steering Wheel N31 Custom Steering wheel N32 ...

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Transmission weight: 45 kg ( 99 lb ) Fluid capacity (approximate): 1.7L / 2.0 qt ( dry ) Power take off: no Applications: Chevrolet Cobalt SS Saturn Ion Red Line. 2006 F40 (MT2) Type: transverse front wheel drive, six speed manual transaxle Engine range: 3.9L Maximum engine torque: 245 lb-ft ( 333 Nm ) Maximum gearbox torque: 295 lb-ft ( 400 Nm )
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Transmission price does not include a refundable core-charge. More than 100 downloads. Transmission shaft. Feature 3Data. 5 litre turbo engine will develop 135bhp, while being mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. Blocklists can be added to Transmission via the user interface: Select Edit Preferences (looks like a wrench at the bottom left).

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