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jungkook fic recs humour — ☾ angst — ♛ smut — ☁︎ fluff ♡ personal favourites — ☆ recently added ONE-SHOTS tell me your secrets (i’m all ears ... BTS Taekook. 8.9K likes. Annyeong~ Welcome to BTS TAEKOOK Fanpage! Here you can see a lot of Taekook stuff that is going on.And we are also providing or giving you an updates on TaeKook.share and...

Welcome to BTS FIC REC. Here you will find all kinds of fics with all bts ships. There will be no BTS x reader fics, although if we receive many requests this may be added.
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...fic recommendations kookmin fics kookmin fic recs kookmin fic rec kookmin fanfiction bts jikook kookmin jikook fic rec kookmin fic rec reincarnation AU angst prince!jimin servant!jungkook poor...
Fic Rec Update Updating the fic recs start. Projects. Poject Title
yeoldontknow:. Author’s Note: hello!! welcome to this year’s chanvember. i am so so so happy its finally here. please enjoy this first offering! ive had it in in my WIPs for over a year~~ those of you who have been here a while might remember the bertrand chronicles from my tags hehe here is a full story based on my tags!! lol enjoy!
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BTS Fic Recs. Bee's favorite BTS stories. Review: One of the very first BTS fics I ever read in entirety. Sold me on the idea that fan-fiction could be truly compelling literature.
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  • Welcome to BTS-FICS-TAGRAM! This blog is dedicated to Bottom!Jungkook fanfic On my Blog will be a poll where you can vote, which bottom!kookie fic rec I should post next.
  • Hybrid!AU Fic Recs “ Anonymous said to rbuns: any hybrid!bts fic recommendations ” For you anon, a somewhat-comprehensive list of other hybrid!au fics since I’m assuming you’re not asking about...
  • fic recs (bts). ♥ - fave (max: 3) -ongoing 4 lief-. _ Taehyung x Jeongguk. _When Taehyung signed on at BTS Entertainment, he just thought he'd start getting laid a lot more.
  • bts fic rec fic moodboard jimin jungkook jikook ballet!au dancer!jm dancer!jk strangers to lovers Angst with a happy ending smut r:nc17 chaptered l:100k to 200k annie_vi — forth.
  • Give You the World (Taehyung x Reader) hi guys :) admin daze/the one who wrote it here, i moved the fic onto my personal writing blog ^^ sorry for the inconvenience, it’s just that this fic means a lot to me so i transferred it over <3

bts fic rec jungkook fic rec. 1,079 notes Dec 10th, 2020. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Professor KNJ Teaser: You are halfway through ...

bts hogwarts This is a Bangtan Boys Harry Potter AU blog. Here we post fanfiction, fanart, reactions, quizzes and puzzles for the enjoyment of both ARMY and Potterheads. A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS I want to buy a gift for my friend/significant other/family member/coworker/stranger who is a BTS fan...
Welcome to BTS FIC REC. Here you will find all kinds of fics with all bts ships. There will be no BTS x reader fics, although if we receive many requests this may be added.

BOYS // bts au // 12 episode twelve: this shit is wild synopsis: honestly, minjae was hopelessly in love with his neighbors but he would rather die than do anything about it. bedsides, he was pretty sure the only reason they knew of him in the first place was because he accidentally threw his phone through their window. yeah, let’s not talk ...

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dane ⇀ writings | fic recs ♡ genre: devil au, supernatural pairing: kim taehyung, female reader description: