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This first Duramax engine mated with GM trucks was coined the LB7 Duramax. While today, all Duramax trucks are paired with the Allison transmission, LB7 Duramax trucks also had an available ZF 6-speed manual transmission option. Producing 235-300 horsepower and 500-520 lb/ft of torque, the LB7 Duramax was a beast.

Best Prices on ARP Duramax diesel Head Studs at Thoroughbred Diesel Need More Lube? - Duramax Head Stud & Lube Combo; ARP GM Duramax Head Studs offered in two different materials: ARP 2000 Material - 220,000 psi tensile strength - Part # 230-4201; Custom Age 625+ Material - 260,000 psi tensile strength - Part # 230-4202
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3. Pump the primer to 10 PSI. After 4 minutes there should be 5 PSI on the gauge and it should hold. 4. If the pressure does not hold, recheck for a leak down with the fuel supply line blocked at different locations to isolate the leak. Potential Causes: Air leak, low pressure supply line Fuel injector/s Scanner giving wrong codes
fuel filter is down at the gas tank. 2.8L engine has it strapped next to the the fuel tank just at the front of the rear wheel. The bolt holding the strap has a tendency to get striped where the nut is held and not allow you to pull it off. cut the bolt if you can or break the plastic at the bolt. use a click strap to secure it back in place after words. tho your most likely cause for a fuel ...
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Jun 23, 2007 · Bleding air in fuel filter and lines in a Duramax For the Duramax, there is a built in plunger pump on top off the filter under the the hood. Open the black plastic air bled valve and press down the plunger about 10-15 times until fuel comes out the air bled screw the tighten up the air bled screw.
Oct 29, 2016 · The fuel injector(s) are controlled by the injector driver(s) in the ECM (engine control module). Battery voltage is supplied to all of the fuel injectors and the ground side is controlled by the ECM. It could be, a poor connection or wiring problem at or to the #3 fuel injector. There is a noid light available that plugs into the connector, to ...
Combined with a clogged fuel filter, this has been suggested as a cause for the rampant injector failures on 2001-to-2004 models. GM introduced a new injector design in 2005, and opted to cover injector failure and subsequent retrofit under the seven-year warranty.
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  • Injector hold down bolts are 120 in lbs. That is INCH POUNDS not foot pounds. If you don't have a in lb wrench. 10 ft lbs. You don't have to remove injectors to remove glow plugs. You don't have to torque glow plugs, tight is good enough. Same with the valve covers, be careful and don't overtighten them, just tight is good enough.
  • MITCHELL1 is the online repair manual for the Do-it-Yourselfer. This online subscription service provides the same Repair information used in thousands of automotive shops and dealers across the country.
  • Feb 13, 2014 · Take the bolts down evenly so the puller is centered on the snout then use a breaker bar to tighten the puller. The crank may try to turn once the puller is tight; you can run a prybar through the puller bolts to hold the engine from turning, or get a helper under the vehicle to hold the flexplate or flywheel.
  • Dec 20, 2014 · I have an 02 Chevy Duramax 6.6 TurboDiesel. The turbo went out and had to be replaced, so I had it replaced and went to crank my truck and oil blew out from the exhaust pipe. Without me touching the key, it killed itself. I lifted the hood and now I have noticed that there is oil leaking into the intercooler hose.
  • Posted By: MikeLD on 08/10/09 05:17pm Leaving for our two week trip less than 2 miles from my house. I saw smoke coming from my camper on the drivers side.I quickly stopped the 5th wheel lucky, I was only traveling about 20-25 mph.Upon inspection the rear leaf spring bracket had broken away from the frame the two wheels were rubbing together lucky we weren't going down the interstate at 65 mph.

Dec 22, 2020 · Attachment bolts for the front seats may be incorrectly installed. ... 6/6/2018. The seat-mounted air bag may deploy improperly ... If broken, the glass could fragment into large pieces and cause ...

Sep 27, 2009 · broken wire or bad connection between the test connector and the relay. To test the wiring from the computer, remove the passenger side kick panel and disconnect the computer connector. It has a 10 MM bolt that holds it in place. With the test lamp connected to power, jumper pin 22 to ground and the test lamp should glow. It is recommended to replace broken glow plugs, injectors, and related components rather than try to repair them – this will help you to save your time and effort. In our store you will find the Ford F-350 diesel fuel system components that come from such leading aftermarket manufacturers as Delphi , Standard, ACDelco, Motorcraft , and Bosch.
Hold the ratchet in place as you rotate the wrench counterclockwise. Continue until the pulley is removed. Figure 9. Remove the power steering pump pulley. Figure 10. Rotate the ratchet and wrench in opposite directions. Step 6 – Loosen the mounting bolts. The power steering pump on V8 Silverado engines is retained by four 15mm bolts.

These are in great condition - much cheaper than the dealer! There are two styles of 6.0L Injector hold down clamps. The early style was used until around late 2005 and incorporates a T40 Torx head bolt, while the later style was used from early 2006 on and incorporates a T45 bolt.

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CAT 3114 3116 3126 engine specs, bolt torques, spec sheets and manuals including the workshop manual at Barrington Diesel Club. ... 3116 - 6.6 liter, 402 CID 3126B ...